Certain people (they know who) are writing in to tell me their stories about Doug Spink, even bashing his family members with serious allegations I’ve never heard before.

The problem with all this intensive revealing of deep dark secrets is that these very same people won’t actually back any of it up. All they do when pressed for details, facts, links, evidence, etc. is quote back the same tired old newspaper articles, which I happen to know are inaccurate and lazily written. I would even go so far as to say these articles are an embarrassment to our profession.

To these people writing in: I get it. You don’t like Doug Spink. Perhaps you despise him with a passion unrivaled to any hatred you’ve ever known before. But if you show up anonymously on the blog with serious allegations and hints of something sordid to tell, at least provide actual evidence for credibility. Without that, you are bordering on troll territory.

The situation is further complicated because, under the federal gag order, Doug Spink has been told by US Probation that he isn’t “allowed” to respond to the comments.

So put yourself in my shoes. As a fact-gathering journalist, what am I supposed to do with these unsubstantiated statements? What would you want me to do if it was you sitting muzzled in the target of that bulls-eye?

Which makes the timing of these comments landing here all the more interesting, doesn’t it. Come on, people. Give me something I can use, or put some additional thought into what you are doing. Your innuendos and scare tactics barely belong in a junior high school classroom, never mind real life.

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