photo by David LaChapelle

photo by David LaChapelle

After I set my radar tuned to spot mainstream media images that push at the species barrier, I started noticing them all over the place.

The latest example is this just-released photo of a sultry 25-year-old Angelina Jolie posing for renowned fine art photographer David LaChapelle with an unidentified white horse. It is a never-before-seen outtake from a shoot done in Los Angeles a dozen years ago for Rolling Stone magazine.

Titled Horseplay, the photo will be sold through Christie’s auction house in London with a group of prints called The Wild Side of Photography. Since its release yesterday, Horseplay has already received a flurry of media attention. Christie’s expects it will fetch from £25,000 to £35,000 at the sale, scheduled for May 15.

photo by David LaChapelle

photo by David LaChapelle

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4 responses to “Horseplay

  • Malcolm Brenner

    The top shot really gets me hot, I can imagine being that horse!

  • Adelheid

    Ah, It made me think about this artist.
    Beth Cavener Stitcher.
    Don’t know why, maybe just pushing the edge? She works in clay though.

    The photos of Horse and Jolie are well executed, both subjects are exotic, the compositions are dynamic.
    But I sure could not live with it. ~Adelheid

  • humacyrnus (@humacyrnus)

    It makes you wonder why this image was suppressed for so long. . . . . Not my thing, for either species, but still, I think we all know why it was swept under the rug.

  • anon

    I often see people on Facebook getting their under-dressed and pretty girlfriends to pose suggestively with their big, tough (typically male — and obviously so) dogs. I always wonder exactly what the motivation is. Maybe it’s just emulating what they see mainstream rappers doing on videos, but I’d like to think there’s more than a hint of erotic desire there.

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