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The sound isn’t the best because the wind was whipping around the microphone, but I thought you’d rather see something than nothing from a parking lot interview I did a couple of days ago with Doug Spink.

18 thoughts on “The Transcript

  1. Utterly astonishing and not a little frightening that this is happening in the USA.

  2. If I understand correctly what you are saying on this video the long blog entry on wrinko and the short notes transcript you posted on wrinko, you had a phone call from your probation officer who reminded you of the pre-existing conditions of your 2nd probation release for drug smuggling. This would have been given to you at your departure from your supervised release facility. You asked questions in an attempt to clarify and probably to limit the effect of that order. I don’t see any “Gag Order” at all, just a reminder from your PO.

    Clearly you must have been violating your conditions and he was giving you fair warning that you were at risk of being re-arrested. Again no new “Gag Order”

    I doubt that the government cares about anything you say. You are not a high profile criminal. I am sure that the Federal Government does not care that you have sex with animals. That’s why you were not charged. I’m not sure there is even any Federal statute you could have been charged with.

    You first went back to jail for violating the terms of your original probation on the drug charge. You are now being threatened with re-incarceration for violating the terms of your second release.

    All these details are things you have made up to inflate your importance to yourself and your biographer. Its theater, not reality.

    • It may be theatre to someone not involved, nor terribly informed about the details, but lets just say that there’s a bit more to the picture than what you’ve painted there.

    • Hey, Bowser, I think it’s clear that the gag order is above and beyond what most mere mortals receive, even for breaking the law or probation conditions. Note that this gentleman ( ) — who was implicated in a data heist of 200 MILLION credit cards — has been allowed monitored internet access. Doug Spink is not allowed such monitored access, despite his conditions saying he should be allowed it.

      So why is this Doug guy so much more dangerous? Why can hackers have internet access, while he cannot?

      Seems sort of odd, no? One thing I agree on is that it’s theater, but I don’t think I mean it the same way you do… I’m waiting for the curtains to be ripped open so that we can see who’s pulling the strings, and I suspect that day is coming.

    • This is a matter of perspective. Doug has an interesting story. Its a long story. Based on comments here and other blogs its clear that his destructive tendencies reach all the way back to early childhood. It’s a story that should be told. His trail is long and built on nothing but pain. Pain for people, pain for animals. Doug is not a normal Zoo (when did you last hear him talk about loving his animals). I hope Carreen can tell the story. If she tells it fully it will not be flattering to Doug. My comments above were to point out that Doug likes to make something a big deal when it is not. Others have commented that Doug likes to post under many names. Sometimes arguing with himself to pump up the issue. In this case, the “Gag Order” does not exist. The judge defined release terms and his Federal Probation Officer is implementing those conditions of release. A phone call does not mean new conditions, it is a reminder to be a good boy or go back to jail. It is all so silly. Doug posts constantly in spite of any release terms. He comments here and in multiple forums. The concept of a gag order is just Doug Theater. The purpose is to make him seem more important, more dangerous, more notorious, more gangster. Doug is only dangerous to people who trust him. He takes their money, he has sex with their animals and he leaves a mess behind. Carreen I hope you are successful with your book, I also hope you do not get hurt like every single woman in Doug’s past. I also hope that you do not portray Doug as representative of the larger Zoo community. He is not.

  3. “Doug is not a normal Zoo (when did you last hear him talk about loving his animals)”

    You’re right, Doug is not a normal Zoo insofar as normal Zoos don’t have their house raided, and aren’t by the newspapers. Normal Zoos don’t have their family taken away and the notion of having them killed purely out of spite dangled above their heads. Normal Zoos don’t have complete strangers making it their personal mission to stalk them from forum to forum, and concocting wild stories about how bad his history is, while offering up exactly zero proof.

    For all the media whoring you claim he does, there’s far more good that doesn’t get attention, and I think the love of his family links back to that (if you’ve seen ANY of the photos posted you’d see how obviously loved they are)

    “I also hope that you do not portray Doug as representative of the larger Zoo community”

    Who might you say is then, because I seldom see (the more vocal) Zoos agree long enough to conclude what color the sky is. Besides, that’s a pretty bold claim to seemingly speak on behalf of the “larger Zoo community” such as you have here.

    • There is an amazing dynamic where zoophiles beat up on any other zoophile who ever gets noticed by the public. There are faults found with any of them, and rumors spread around. However, Bowser seems to be some other form of self loathing above and beyond the typical.

      “Pain for people, pain for animals. Doug is not a normal Zoo (when did you last hear him talk about loving his animals)”

      I think you are a bit under-informed. I’m not sure how many interactions with animals you have observed between Doug and his now stolen (and in some cases likely dead) family, but the ONE THING you cannot argue with is how much he loved them.

      Did he have issues with being challenging with people (often literally, as in challenging people to be better, to a fault)? Ya, whatever, you can argue that. Issues with being great with dogs and horses? Give me a break. You are obviously YET ANOTHER person who has nothing better to do than copy and paste what others have said without spending a few minutes to think for yourself. Look at the pictures. Talk to people who have actually cut through the hype to SEE.

      “Others have commented that Doug likes to post under many names. Sometimes arguing with himself to pump up the issue. ”

      This is my favorite: I suspect it’s ’cause there are a few dozen people posting, and they are all smart. That must confound people. “How can there be more than one literate person who’s a zoophile supporter? That can’t be. They must all be Doug.”

      News flash: There was once a survey done on occupations and educations held by zoophiles. A fair number were doctorate level. Like, an unusually big number. Then there were the non-academics who were still highly educated and obviously literate. Sorry, but they’re not all Doug. A bunch of them may disagree with him on issues, that’s sure true, but they’re not all him (if you had a room of heterosexuals together, would they all agree?? :P)

      “In this case, the “Gag Order” does not exist. ”

      Again, note that “real hackers” get access to the internet, monitored, grant you, EXACTLY THE SAME JUDGES ORDERS. But zoophiles are just too creepy to allow on the internet, even monitored. So, ya, it exists. Sorry.

      • Hi Anon

        Bowser is our drunken sailor, “Julia”, attempting to run a god-awful Co-Intel “Voice of the Zoo Community” character.

        Julia has made enormous efforts to grab attention and steer the narrative over here. Both Julia and this Bowser are operating exactly the same scheme, that being to “divide and conquer” within the ranks of potential supporters and sew FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) where Spink and his work is concerned.

        It’s interesting how both Julia and Bowser do not appear to care a damn about other species. Furthermore, both Julia and Bowser are so hell-bound upon Spink that they may “appear” half way friendly towards the general ambient zoophile population. This is nothing more than a stone-cold ploy designed to enlist the support of inside “snakes” with an axe to grind.

        We’ve become familiar with these very same behavioral dynamics while profiling other sociopathic zoophobes and trolls over the years.

  4. It is so hard to just sit on my hands and let Doug flail by himself. I wish I had the self control. But, hey what the hell.

    First. Doug is almost the only one posting here. Doug is Anon, Akismet, Zetas212, etc, etc. These are all Doug. Recognize that there is a small but reasonable chance that I’m Doug too. Just look at the style and you will see that all these posters are the same person.

    Second. Doug has no friends in the Zoo community. Maybe a young buck who has just started to read about him will come here and be supportive for a time but just go search on FL and FA and you will see how Doug is viewed by “his people”. He is hated for what he has done. Not what he has said, what he has done.

    Third. Doug’s efforts to position himself as a down trodden crusader are very entertaining but are completely fake. He is the Hyde Park Sunday Soapbox Orator that no one listens to. This persistent attempt to position himself as throttled by a Federal “Gag Order” is just silly.

    I urge one of Doug’s “Friends” to post the federal paperwork that is so constraining. Go away Doug, you make all Zoo’s look bad.

    • I… don’t even know where to begin with that. First he didn’t love his animals (which was shot down with style), now everyone being even remotely sympathetic to him is a figment of his imagination (which includes me apparently (not that it really matters, but in the interest of full-disclosure, I had previously posted under a different name, but have lost access to the email address I had associated with it)). Everything (including the above “new” claims) is offered (STILL!) without a shred of evidence despite promises that there is plenty.

      It makes me almost sick that any gains obtained via this and other initiatives will be shared amongst those working toward it and dead weight such as yourself. Steps – albeit small – are being made and all you can do is seek him out and cry “Waaah, I don’t like him therefor nobody else does!”. Grow up, and find something constructive to do. A hobby. Anything.

      • Again, this statement: “Doug is Anon, Akismet, Zetas212, etc, etc. These are all Doug…” shows that crazy “there is surely only one educated zoo out there!” mentality of a pretty simple intellect. Sorry hun, but the world is a far, far more diverse place than you could ever imagine.

        OK, wait, can’t stand the guilt, I admit it: I am Doug too. Damn, you’re so smart with your ninja-skilz pattern matching. We’re all using the same font, so we MUST all be the same, no? And, ya, Careen is a fictional name that I made up, too so I could pretend to interview myself. All the other comments? All Me. And Obama? Yup. Totally me. (Sorta proud of that one, actually.) You see, you’re one of the only ones left who’s not been Dougified yet, but just stare into the monitor a little bit longer… :P

  5. I guess I should also answer the “I don’t like Doug so I must be Julia” comments above. I went back and read some of her comments and I agree with so much of what she has said. We both are horrified that Doug still has a stage and is broadcasting his nonsense to the world. We come at Doug from totally different sides but at least on him we almost completely agree. I could find it acceptable for the few people who read this and the even fewer who comment to believe that I was Julia. except that Doug also believes that Julia is his sister. I think that thread is one of the worst things that Doug has spewed in the past few months. I cannot imagine how painful it must be to have Doug Spink as a brother. As far as I can tell she has said and done nothing to him in years but as soon as a female takes him on he restarts all his old evil rants at his sister. We should leave her alone. Julia said that she is not Doug’s sister and I think we should let it be.

    So I am not Doug’s sister and I am not Julia, I am simply another person who does not want the world to believe that Doug represents any groups or any orientation other than the criminal narcissism that defines him.

    So Carreen, while I think we should leave his family alone, you cannot. I hope you tell the truth about what he did to his family, what he did to his ex-wife, what he did to his business partners and his employees and to his friends. What he did to organizations and businesses and stables that allowed him in. He has left a smelly snail trail behind him that is a major part of the story. I hope you interview those people and fill your book with the real truth about this creep.

    • Again, allegations without a shred of evidence. AGAIN. No wonder you agree with Julia. You apparently have all these trails that Carreen is supposed to follow but have exactly zero to back it up, so why do you keep talking about it? Rumors are a strange thing, since without any evidence they can be used to smear anyone. Even you, Bowser.

  6. Good news is that Doug was apparently in court last week, and the gist as far as I can figure is that the judge apparently agrees that his first amendment rights were not being given full consideration, so you should see him back online (quite legally) shortly. Yup, honeymoon is over, kiddies. :)

  7. The gag order has been lifted.

    The effort to prevent me from communicating with journalists covering my “case” has seen cooler heads prevail.

    In this process, several individuals on the governmental side of things have earned my respect with their professionalism and ability to interface with facts, rather than hysterical nonsense. This is congruent with much of my experience of the past ten years: the majority of LEO types (and prosecutors) are professional, competent, ethical people. I may disagree with them on political matters (or not), but that disagreement plays out on a civilized playing field.

    It’s a very small minority of them that are bigoted, dishonest, corrupt people – they are a disgrace to their professions, and a disgrace to our country. They should be driven from the ranks of law enforcement by their fellow members, for they bring disrepute and shame on everyone through their personally disgusting, often criminal, behavior.

    They know who they are. Removing their name from “tag clouds” won’t save them from being legally – and publicly – accountable for their past actions, and their past crimes. Nor will pretending they are “not involved” in the current situation somehow obviate their past crimes. That means you, Laura.

    They’re a tiny handful, but their bad behaviour does much harm.

    Quite a bit has been happening these past few months, as our legal team has worked to overturn the gag order. The time has not been wasted.

    I expect I’ll be doing a series of interviews in the near future. Those following the Snowden PRISM disclosures will not be surprised that the work I do – antisurveillance technology – is quite relevant to these questions.


    – D. Spink

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