Going, going… but not gone

earth edge

The other day I placed a long overdue telephone call.

“There you are, I thought you had fallen off the edge of the earth!” exclaimed the voice at the other end of the line.

In a sense, she was right.

Recently I left Whatcom County in search of somewhere else. I did it for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which was the need to find a safe and peaceful place to finish writing this book. Whatcom County couldn’t provide that for me anymore.

I’ve been getting inquiries from people wondering: Have I given up on writing this story? Was I scared off by the threats and controversy? Have I lost the momentum required to finish telling it?

The short answer: no way.

I’m not stopping now. I packed my truck full of seized evidence, recovered files, and disks and tapes. I have boxes of documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests. I have my tall stack of reporter’s notebooks. I’ve got it all.

Stay tuned. More to come.

10 thoughts on “Going, going… but not gone

  1. Careen, are you a part of the Spink internet cleansing that is happening as we speak. No Wrinko, No CultureGhost No DPS etc Etc. What has happened.? Why have you deleted so many posts before cutting and running. Is Doug threatening you? I have never been as antagonistic as you may have thought. My problem was Doug and the idea that you were in thrall. If you need help please let me know. I want to be there on Tuesday but may not be able to come across. Will try. If you are there I’ll let you know who I am.

    • You are a very strange person. You’re now seeing some sort of “internet cleansing” going on?? Are you — and I’m actually asking honestly — delusional? I still see most of the internet out there, but I have to admit it’s hard to be sure. Nope, I just checked. It’s still there. :)

      • Well being as I was just on one of those apparently “cleansed” sites and am able to report it is still there and working perfectly I do have to wonder if Julia is maybe slightly tripping.
        Though an alternative theory is that you have a very efficient personal filter. Something that lets you ignore things that you don’t like and also quite obviously information that disproves what you like to believe. So just like you are able to pretend that your views on zoophilia are somehow based in fact and reality you are also able to pretend that the internet is being cleansed of a few DS based things you don’t want to see.

        I am wondering if your presence here commenting on this blog actually stems from fear. A fear that this book may spread in the minds of those not already corrupted into a state of anti-zoo madness the seeds of an idea that may lead them to not hating zoophiles. Or maybe it’s simply a fear that the book may make people not view Doug in the same way you think he should be and that some people may even feel sorry for him.

        And is good to see another post from your Careen. Hope you can find the place you need to finish your book. Am definitely intrigued about you’re going to write.

  2. Very good to see you’re still around and haven’t given up your search for answers, but I hope I’m not reading too much into your statement concerning Whatcom County not providing the safety (and peacefulness) you require for this effort…

    One can’t help but recognize that the opposition wouldn’t push back against some simple journalistic digging if there wasn’t something there that they didn’t want uncovered. I seriously applaud your tenacity, as so many would have been chased away given even a fraction of the scare tactics they deployed against you.

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